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Holy Cross Fathers

The Holy Cross Family Ministries (HCFM) was founded in the United States by Fr. Patrick Peyton CSC, a Holy Cross priest. He founded the Family Rosary in 1942 to spread the message that The Family That Prays Together Stays Together. In order to use the media to widen the reach of his message, he founded Family Theater Productions in 1947. He coordinated Rosary events in more than 40 countries, including India, gathering more than 28 million people worldwide in Rosary prayer and has influenced generations for decades. Family Theater Productions has produced over 900 radio programs, films and TV specials. Years later, the Congregation of Holy Cross formally took over the sponsorship of the various ministerial ventures initiated by Fr. Peyton, under the banner ‘Holy Cross Family Ministries’.

India’s association with the “Rosary Priest” began in when he visited India as part of his world-wide campaign to spread the family prayer. In 2000, the mandate of establishing and managing the Indian Chapter of the Holy Cross Family Ministries was given to the Province of South India.

In the spirit of the founder, Father Patrick Peyton, CSC, and under the sponsorship of the Congregation of Holy Cross, Holy Cross Family Ministries serves Jesus Christ and his Church in India by promoting and supporting the spiritual well-being of the family. It implies a holistic approach to the various services that can be rendered to the family, while giving special emphasis to spiritual growth, family prayer and especially the Rosary.

HCFM-India has “Peyton Centre” as its national office at Vivekanagar, Bengaluru. It has organized several programs in villages and cities across India to spread the message of unity in family. Other than localized events in various parts of India, the Centre also organizes Rosary Rallies in Bengaluru and ‘Try Prayer It Works’ contest for children every year. The HCFM-India has been instrumental in bringing Retrouvaille movement to India and already conducted several sessions in Bengaluru and Mumbai for the enrichment of marriages. Through “HOPE Counseling Centre” it caters to families in Bengaluru by offering individual and family counseling. The Peyton Centre publishes a quarterly newsletter named “Family Light” and redistributes “Family Link”, the newsletter from the International office of the Holy Cross Family Ministries. Both the newsletters publish articles/resources relating to issues of marital living and family life.